Disabled & Challenged Reach for your dreams!

Touching Many Lives Despite Your Challenges

The authors: Terry Cohen and Barry Cohen PHD
The authors: Terry Cohen and Barry Cohen PHD
The authors: Terry Cohen and Barry Cohen PHD
The authors: Terry Cohen and Barry Cohen PHD

Disabled but Unbreakable

Touching Many Lives Despite Your Challenges

The authors: Terry Cohen and Barry Cohen PHD
The authors: Terry Cohen and Barry Cohen PHD

Disabled but Unbreakable

Touching Many Lives Despite Your Challenges

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Each of our books are based on actual experiences we’ve learned. Terry’s book starts with his life experiences as a young disabled person after graduating from special needs high school and going forward through adulthood. It is intended to provide helpful support and guidance to all young disabled persons and their families. There are millions of you out there!

Our travel book is chuck full of our unique experiences vacationing together.

Terry’s challenges as a disabled person include touring and enjoying national parks, wildlife reserves, and zoos, international countries, cruises, and meeting students at special needs schools and speaking engagements. Barry, Terry’s dad, has been and continues to be his trusty travel companion. This book was featured on The NY Times Travel section and continues to be a favorite feature on its web site. It’s also been a popular seller.

The most recent book, Living Wisely, is written by Barry, based on his personal experiences, professional consulting and coaching, and insightful guidance of well known life coaches and psychologists including a few Nobel prize winners. All book references are easily accessed through the internet. Simply click on any of the many references in the eBook for your reading convenience.

We sincerely hope you enjoy our books. We invite your comments and inquiries.

Dr. Barry M. Cohen.

Terry S. Cohen.


“The basis of wisdom is knowing yourself. In this remarkable compilation of life lessons, Dr. Cohen draws from his experiences and those of several leaders with whom he has worked to provoke readers to learn essential life skills that lead to a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. This book, written in folksy, accessible language, has something for everyone, from young adults to seniors.”

~ Regina Romero, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist and Executive Coach

“As a senior executive at several Fortune 100 companies, I have interacted with hundreds of employees at every level. This book is a ‘must read’ for everyone from older teens to high school counselors to employees in any venture who are looking to become the best they can be. My first thought on reading this book? How helpful it would have been to me when I was in my early twenties.”

~ Geoff Woolford, Ph.D., Biochemistry, Ret. Sr. Officer, Fortune 100 Consumer Products Company

“Barry Cohen has written a first-rate book filled with valuable information about living well and staying happy. I am eighty-seven years old, and Dr. Cohen's book is helpful to me now and would have been even more helpful when I was seventeen. He covers the waterfront of the attitudes and behaviors that make for a satisfying, fulfilling life. It's a practical, sensible guide. His writing style is direct and conversational. Given the content, this is a surprisingly easy-to-read book. He connects with his readers by a direct, friendly presentation. His personal anecdotes and case histories add credibility and interest to his messages. Even at my age, I felt like a student in Dr. Cohen's class. He is an A+ teacher for old and young minds alike.”

~ Richard J. Smith, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Education Consultant, and Published Author

“Excellent information for everyone but especially young people seeking personal direction for success. The life examples are very educational and helpful. I would buy this book for my grandchildren and recommend it to my family.”

~ Paul Kudelko, M.D., Retired Cardiologist

“Reading Living Wisely, in many ways, felt as if I was retracing my own life! I personally identified with many of the life lessons. While I agree that chance affects the outcome of one’s career, each of the critical skills highlighted in the book plays especially valuable roles. On a personal level, motivation and resilience served me best as I managed investment portfolios through both positive and negative market cycles. Without an abundance of both, I would never have achieved a high level of professional and financial success. I was witness to many failed careers due to a lack of these two skills, no matter how educated or degreed these executives were. This is a book for everyone, young or old, whatever your current position or future direction. It is replete with the good, sound advice that can make a big difference in your life and career.”

~ John Somers, MBA, Retired Senior Officer of TIAA, a Fortune 100 Financial Services Company

“Reading this book from a perspective of advanced age, I better understand reasons for my successes and failures. If earlier in life I had taken my measure against these life skills markers, some hard knocks would have been avoided. While the greatest benefit from Dr. Cohen's insight will accrue to the young, there is much value here for all ages. Whatever your age, read this book. For the young, those motivated to accomplish something important in life for themselves and their communities and wanting to reduce the uncertainty they feel upon entering adult life, this is the guide for you. From wide personal and professional experience, Dr. Cohen has identified hard-core characteristics of human behavior that lead to an accomplished life. He has travelled the path and has marked a trail to ease the way for others. Here is advice to replace what in the past have only been vague and sometimes conflicting directions from elders and teachers or left to the individual to learn from bitter experience. Whatever your age, take action! For my part, I will be sending copies of this book to my grandchildren on their coming birthdays!”

~ Thomas F. Thompson, BEE Electrical Engineer and Retired Senior Officer, Fortune 500 Energy Company